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CDC is collaborative organization for CHILDLINE Balaghat, The project is dedicated to Child Protection and to ensure Child rights of each and every child who is in need. The project is being implementing in Balaghat district since Jan 2014, This is the project of Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India, the key role of Childline India Foundation. 1098 service is working 24*7 for children’s whose are in any kind of trouble. This project is very much important for the district, because the Balaghat district is source of child trafficking as per many study and media news. Being a tribal dominated district there are different basic problems like poor connectivity, transportation, communication, livelihood, migration etc. Through the project we are working with close coordination of CWC [Child Welfare Committee], Department of Women Empowerment, SJPU and all the allied system. The dedicated project staffs working for raising awareness about 1098 service. Outreach activities in un- reached areas, sensitization at community level. As per organization vision, mission and core working area, every child is important for us, we believe to ensure all rights of a child. This project runs with very limited resources, we request to all to support this project, to strengthen future of the world.

Childline Project Activities

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