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Solar Project

solorproject CDC is working on promotion of non conventional energy sources in rural tribal areas, solar lamp is promoted among rural community. Organization provided three types of solar lamps in installment to tribal and poor families. In last two years organization has been provided more than 300 solar lamps. The project is initiated by organization with own resources, organization has made this possible as social business partnership with Minda Nex Gen Ltd. The organization covering un electrified villages and villages where power cut and out of electrification. In Balaghat district we work in GARHI, BALGAON, LAPTI, KHAJRA, MANA and in Mandla district we are working at BAIGA village LOORI

Community Solar Charging Station :

solorproject_2 Solar-project_3CDC has been established 6 solar charging station at Balgaon and Lapti village of Baihar block in Balaghat district. This project has supported by Australian High Commission, New Delhi. The community solar charging station is a good source of light for poor families, who lives without electricity and Kerosene also not available. The project is covering 150 BPL families [GOND and BAIGA] with this project. These charging station not only for solution of light but provide livelihood and collective efforts among community.

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