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Our Team

CDC has a very young and experienced team. The size of a team depends on particular project and programmes of our organization. We give opportunity to all our staff members for their individual development too. Entirely filled with locals, the skills of our staff members are developed through training, exposure, in-house capacity building and others. Our organization has a policy for our staff and all are appointed on contract basis. As far as possible, our organization supports staff members to their family and future. We are happy to share that more than 50 trained persons are working in different government projects i.e. DPIP, MPRLP, NRLM and other national organization i.e. PRADAN, SAMARTHAN etc.

S.No. Name Designation Qualification Year of Joining
1. Komal Shandilya Program Coordinator Post Graduate 2014
2. Shivkumar Gaikwad Project Coordinator Post Graduate 2019
3. Dipendra Bilsare Project Coordinator Post Graduate 2018
4. Shadab Khan Account Post Graduate 2017
5. Shivgiri Goswami Team Member Graduate 2015
6. Ruksar Ali Team Member Graduate 2019
7. Dilip Bagde Team Member Graduate 2017
8. Aarti Vatti Account Graduate 2016
9. Vijay Gajbhiye Team Member Graduate 2019
10. Santosh Sonwane Community Facilitator Post Graduate 2017
11. Praveen Shandilya Community Facilitator Graduate 2016
12. Savitri Aide Team Member Graduate 2019
13. Mridul Utkarsh Youth Coordinator Graduate 2017

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