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PALASH is a network of women Self Help Groups, More than 300 women self help groups are member of this federation. PALASH stands for Participatory Learning and Strengthening. This is managed by women of SHG. This federation was found in the year of 2006-07 by the support of PACS [Poorest Area Civil Society] Programme. CDC was working on this project in five panchayats of Baihar Block in Balaghat district.

This federation comes forward through very deep thinking, training and exposure of women's. PALASH has been made very successful advocacy on NREGA payment and they have fight for different women issues at the community i.e. domestic violence, livelihood security.

Many of the member of this federation becomes Panch, Sarpanch and BDC member and working nicely for the development of the community. The PALASH women federation is doing small income generation activities and involved on production, processing, packaging and marketing of Honey, Pickle, Trifala, Popcorn, Chana and Murmura

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